The Food Service Sanitation program in the Office of the University Physician provides licensing, inspections, and consultation of campus food service operations to promote sanitary conditions for food preparation and service of fixed and temporary food service facilities.

Investigation of complaints and disease outbreaks are also a responsibility of this department.

Other program services for the prevention of food borne illness include certification of food handlers and education and training for staff in establishments that prepare and serve food.

Two routine inspections are conducted each year for most facilities. In a routine inspection the University Sanitarian evaluates each facility for cleanliness, hygienic food handling practices, safe methods of food storage, preparation and service and other (critical) priority items. Violations designated as (critical) priority items are problems that have proven to be risk factors for food borne illness, such as food not being cooked, cooled or reheated to proper temperatures, or employees not washing hands prior to food preparation.