It is the responsibility of the Office of the University Physician-University Sanitarian to approve and inspect food service operations occurring on university properties. We operate under a separate contract to perform Environmental Health Service on behalf of Ingham County Health Department (ICHD).

The following information is being provided for those who wish to provide food at events on campus.

No Food License Required

If the event serves only bakery items like donuts, bagels or cookies; whole uncut fruit such as apples or bananas; beverages such as cider, coffee, hot chocolate or water, no food license will be required. Groups are encouraged to handle food in a safe and sanitary manner. Suggested protection includes the use of clean coolers/beverage containers, and providing tongs, deli tissue or gloves to dispense food items. Individually wrapped foods are recommended.

University Fixed Food Service Establishments

The University operates a number of fixed food service establishments on campus; they are licensed through the State of Michigan. Those facilities prepare and serve food within their units and occasionally have functions outside such as barbecues and picnics where food is prepared. These functions are approved under the facility's fixed food service license and do not require additional approval from the University Sanitarian. The foods served during those events are required to be handled in a safe and sanitary manner.

Licensed Food Service Establishments - Off Campus

When food is prepared at a non-university, state licensed fixed-facility and served during the event no further license is needed. Note: No food preparation is occurring on-site. The foods served during those events are required to be handled in a safe and sanitary manner by proper maintenance of hot and cold temperatures and prevention of food contamination. You will note, for these functions a State Food Establishment License number is needed on your Campus Park and Planning Outdoor Campus Use form.

On-Site Food Preparation

If food will be prepared on-site, such as a barbecue, licensure is required. Failure to receive approval is a violation of food safety requirements and will result in a closing of the food service function. The license can be one of two types:

Special Transitory Food Unit (STFU) Licensed Facility

This operation has received state-wide approval and may travel from location to location without further licensing if it has met minimum standards. It must have two inspections per year on record with their local health department. Also, it is required to contact MSU Food Sanitarian as to the intent to prepare and serve food a minimum of 4 business days before a specific event.

Temporary Food License

This license is issued by the Ingham County Health Department, and is required for events from 1-14 days in length. Completion of the temporary food establishment license application form is required. Minimum requirements include applying for the license at least 10 days prior to the event and licensing on the day of the event prior to operation.